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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Big Huge Thank You

Basketball season is just about over, of course I will continue to cover the NCAA tournament for,  all the way through the final four, but it is time to say thank you to many people and I am sure I might leave somebody out, who have been there from the beginning for Craw's Corner, but I do need to mention many people. And little did I think I would be writing a blog post on March 23rd with a pile of snow on the ground in Oregon.

Many of you have asked if I will be writing about "small college" basketball next year on this blog and the answer is a big fat YES, but I am not stopping there, as we are gearing up to have a major website that directly talks about small college basketball, if that is even a good term to use. Until basketball starts again for me in September, I will be writing on Crawscorner about various subjects in sports.

So here is a big huge thank you and please would love to hear back from you always. Most importantly, I want to thank all of you who read this blog, the amount might  surprise you and I am proud of that fact and appreciate all of you for making it something that you want to read and special.

1. Danny Miles and Bobby Thompson--- They always get back to me, congrats on wonderful year at OIT and another national championship. Danny Miles, basketball hall of fame soon.

2. Curt Bickley---Coach at Multnomah University, class act and very supportive of my work, always willing to help me anyway possible.

3. Brad Barbarick and Larry Black---Two basketball people who always have time for everyone and do such an outstanding job at Concordia with their program, Brad the head coach and Larry the assistant. Thanks also to Andy Jobanek for his big help when I attend Concordia games.

4. Clif Wegner---Head coach at Clackamas Community College, I have known Clif for over 30 years and even when I officiated games for him, he always treated me with so much respect. Clif was one of the first people who stepped up to help me and get the word out on my blog, I am forever grateful.

5. Cody Harrod---SID at Warner Pacific, great person, does such fine work and big help to me.

6. Brady Bergeson and Jamie Stevens---Two rising stars in the coaching business, who it has been a pleasure to communicate with and one day I can say I know those guys, when they are named national coach of the year.

7. Chris Maples----OIT president, nothing but class once again, great supporter of my work and education is in great hands at OIT.

8. Klamath Falls---To everyone of you in K-Falls who constantly read my blog and allow me to send it to you, both for Crawscorner and, thank you.

9. Blake Timm and Tim Cleary----SID and head coach at Pacific, what wonderful people and Blake you are big time in the SID world, tireless worker and great person.

10. Mark Warkentien---Mark is big time, heck if you are an executive with the New York Knicks, you are big, but he always takes time to write to me and read my blogs. Mark, thank you.

11. Terry Durham---One of my closest friend who has been there with me through thick and thin, who gives so much of himself to other people and never asks anything in return.

12. Mike Trimboli, Marv French, Gordon Kiyokawa, Bob Senseman, Russ Vandehey, Steve Scott, Mitch Copp, Bruce Hubbard, Lanny Bennett, Mike Noonan---Friends everyone should be honored to have, I am humbled each day by these great and awesome people. If everyone had friends like these, the world would be a much better place.

13. Gordon Kiyokawa---He gets mentioned twice, after all he is a terrific business partner, Kiyokawa Crawford Sports Management. But more important he is a wonderful human being, who cares so much about other people and just think, I am lucky enough to know him, let alone be in business with him.

14. Tim Marsh---This blog would not exist if it were not for Tim. He set it up, I have known Tim for over 40 years and he does nothing but help people and asks nothing in return. Always there in tough times.

15. Mike Lund and Andy McClouskey---Both at Portland State and both big time supporters of this blog. You guys are awesome and thanks to you forever and thanks for the great friendship. Never forgotten.

16. Dave Haglund---The new commissioner of the GNAC, formerly of the CCC, big help and awesome work he does.

17. Jon Reed and Kevin McCarthy---Both run superior blogs, but always promote mine, thank you guys always.

18. Chris Haynes, Dwight Jaynes, Terry Gierke, Dale Scott, Dr. Steve Brenner---Thanks for your great support in life and Chris and Dwight, you are wonderful colleagues at

19. Dr. Dan Beeson, Mike Smithey and John Melonas--They have never forgotten my wonderful parents and our days of much fun in College. Thank you for always thinking of me and my family.

20. Jim Jorgensen---A great, wonderful friend for 32 years and the King of Sacramento Sports.

21.Jack Garrsion and Jon Spoelstra---Such wonderful friends, who were there in tough times, the true sign of friends, thanks to both of you.

22. Dan Belluomini, Jim Clair,Jonathan Heins, Mark Sanchez, Phil Beard, Jim Simms, Ron Callan, Tom Hewitt, Ryan Orton, Ivan Kafoury, Rob Closs, Gavin Amato, Steve Brandon,Ken Kuzmaak---Wonderful friends and wonderful supporters of my writing and big help always. Thank you always and not forgotten.

21. Last but most important always, I am so lucky to have had off the charts parents and a great sister. Some people are not as fortunate, I hit the jackpot with all three.

If I forgot someone, anyone who knows me, it was not intentional and I will correct it. Also, if you are traveling to Eugene in the near future, great new place, "Inn At The 5th", which just happens to be managed by Raandi Ward, wife of Tom Ward, legendary sporstcaster at KVAL and a supporter of mine.

And do not forget for all you medical care, Adventist Medical Center is superb. I am lucky to work there in the Cancer Unit and I work with superior medical people and it is the true definition of teamwork.

emails always welcome, or on twitter bark at me on @wchoops

This is not going away, it is just going to get better with the new website and your continued support.