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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Greg Crawford On Sports Biz +Small College Hoops

Greg Crawford covers D-1 college basketball for Comcast SportsNet, (, but he never forgets the "little guys" of college basketball and that is why each Sunday he covers small college hoops and another love of his, sports business.

ADOPTED TEAM---- Much the same as I do for, where I have adopted the Cal State University Bakersfield Roadrunners for the entire season, in my blog here I have adopted the Oregon Tech Hustlin Owls.

The Owls did not have the best week in their storied basketball program, shocking they lost twice. Losses came at the hands of Southern Oregon (non-league game) and Lewis-Clark State. Not all of bad however, as they defeated a really good New Hope Christian team, 77-72.

But today, I would like to once again talk about the iconic Coach of the Owls, Danny Miles. First off, I really appreciate the fact that Coach Miles often writes to me on various subjects, way beyond basketball and I appreciate that very much. But more importantly, once again, I have to mention, why in the world is Danny Miles not in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

To everyone's credit, Coach Miles is in every other Hall of Fame you can think of, as it relates to his profession.  It truly is a crime that he is not in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. And in case you question my thoughts on this, just go ahead and look at who is in the Basketball Hall of Fame, that states my case the best.

The good part about all of this, I am sure the quality of person Coach Miles is and what you hear about him everyday, he probably could care less about this subject and never even thinks about it. That is why I, along with many other people need to keep reminding the basketball world and beyond, that it is a joke that Coach Miles is not in the Basketball Hall of Fame, the gold standard for basketball hall of fames.

And for people reading this, I have no horse in this race, except doing the RIGHT THING. Despite the fact that Coach Miles writes to me, we really are not friends, we have spoken personally twice. So in conclusion, I am a humble person, ask anyone that knows me, but also I am powerful figure in the world of basketball and I am not going to stop writing about or talking about this subject, until it happens.

Eastern Oregon---Don't look now, but Mountaineers are 12-0, coming off a great sweep this weekend of the Tacoma schools, members of the Northwest Conference, Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran. Both of those schools are so tough to beat on the road, so there is no disputing this is a wonderful Eastern Oregon team and I can hardly wait to see them in person.

It also once again proves how great the Cascade Collegiate Conference is, when it comes to men's basketball. Outstanding coaches, up and down, make for good basketball teams and that is what the CCS is all about, not to discount great student/athletes.

Multnomah University----Curt Bickley has his team playing their best basketball of the season as they go into a stretch this week that sees them play three consecutive nights, starting Thursday against Portland Bible, Central Bible and Valley Forge Christian. 

The Lions are exciting to watch, so get out there this week if you are in the Portland, Oregon. Game time each night is 7:00 pm

Clackamas CC Cougars---As I write this on Sunday, November 25th, after I am done, I will be heading over to watch the championship game of the CCC Cougars annual Thanksgiving women's tournament, which starts at 3:00. It should be a wild, high scoring affair, as the host Cougars take on Umpqua. Looking at what has happened so far, both teams easily could score in the 100s. I love up and down basketball, always have.

Pacific U (Forest Grove)---When Pacific University hired Tim Cleary to be their basketball coach in 2010, I said to myself, watch out, he will bring a winner to a school that for many years has not had good basketball.

My thoughts are proving out, as the Boxers just completed a sweep in Hawaii, over two tough opponents. Of course, it does not hurt that the Boxers have one of the most exciting players in the state of Oregon, no matter what the level, in Danny Brakebush, who is showing why many schools wanted the Central Catholic product to play for them.

Northwest Conference better watch out for Pacific, if they don't, well.......

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Greg Crawford On Sports BIz + Small College Hoops

OIT----My adopted small college team for this season in Craw's Corner, the Oregon Tech Hustlin Owls, had the proverbial good and bad week.

Traveling to Reno, to play D-1 Nevada-Reno, OIT hung in the game almost all the way, finally losing by 11 points 86-75. This game was another snapshot of just how great college basketball is on all levels in the United States. Even though there are basically seven different levels in college basketball, it is fair to say on any given night, any team can beat their big brothers in men's basketball.

The Nevada-Reno game was an exhibition, so does not count on the win-loss record, but a tough loss in Rocklin, California on Saturday night did count. After winning on the opening night of the Willam Jessup tournament, beating the hosts, Saturday night was a different story as the Owls lost by nine points to Cal State-Maritime.

The Owls hope to get back on track Tuesday night the 13th, when they face Multnomah University of Portland, Oregon in Klamath Falls.

NWC---Sticking with the team of just how good college basketball is, Pacific University (Forest Grove) played a great game on Friday night against D-1 Portland State, losing by 19 points, but getting a great performance from Danny Brakebush, who will be one of the star's of the Northwest Conference this year.

It should also be noted, not only is Pacific greatly improved, but Linfield and Lewis Clark both have excellent teams, so get out and watch some basketball in the NWC.

Clackamas Community College---It will be a big week for Clif Wegner's Cougars, as they play two good opponents at home, one Friday night, against NW Indian School at 7:00 pm and then come back and play Sunday afternoon against Bellvue CC, at 2:00. These are must see games.

Multnomah---The Lions got back to winning on Saturday night, thrashing Reed College, 94-39. It is expected that a much more competitive game will take place Saturday afternoon, the 17th, when the Lions host Simpson 3:00 pm. Great chance to take the kids to watch some great basketball, with a tremendous family atmosphere.

Concordia----After a brutal opening to the season, playing Oregon, Portland State, U of Portland and Eastern Washingon, all D-1 teams, Concordia was able to defeat Multnomah this past Tuesday. They face a real challenge on Tuesday night the 13th, as New Hope Christian comes to the NE Portland campus. New Hope has one its best teams ever, so a good test for the CAVS.

Now for some sports business.

ESPN---For a network that many said in 1979 would only last for a couple of months, now into its 34th year, the latest estimate is that ESPN's value is 40 billion.

Owned by the Walt Disney company, it is estimated that 57 percent of Disney's operating budget comes from its cable companies, which of course is led by ESPN and a distant second Disney Channel.

Bottom Line---If you have an idea, never give up on it, until you have exhausted all possibilities.

The McCourts----Jamie and Frank McCourt use to own the Dodgers. The they got a divorce, Jamie received out of the settlement a paltry $131 million. Little did she know at the time the Dodgers would sell for $ 2 billion.

Now, we are all sure not out of greed, she wants the divorce settlement re-opened, says she got cheated and deserves more. Actually taking all the greed out of this, plus the sickness, she probably is right, when you just look at the financial aspects and the numbers.

Bottom Line----More to come on this one, more drama and hatred as well, sadly.

AEG----Were the braintrust at AEG, led by Phl Anshcutz happy to see Mike Brown go as the Lakers coach. Probably so, considering AEG owns a share of the Lakers, not to mention they own and operate the Staples Center. 

A failing Laker team is bad for business, in the still competitive LA sports market, let alone AEG is for sale at present, at an estimated price of asking price of 8-10 billion.

Bottom Line----The 10 billion is in play, with a successful Laker team.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Greg Crawford On Sports Biz + Small College Hoops

ATTENTION READERS: Starting and each and every Sunday, throughout the college basketball season, I am going to write the first half of my blog on sports business and the second half on small college basketball.

This blog is brought to you by Greg Crawford Speaks. To learn more about Greg Crawford Speaks, please go to We can help you become a better public speaker/presenter quite easily and at very reasonable fees. Also if you are looking for a great speaker for a lunch, dinner or conference, legendary voice of the Blazers Brian Wheeler is your person. His message is powerful, informative and will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Great Debate----With the so tragic and painful to many from the results of hurricane sandy (i do not capitalize hurricanes, they do not deserve it) of course it started the great debate, "When do we play and how will playing sports have either a negative or positive impact".

I will say after September 11th, sports seemed to do its small part to bring us together. It is a tough call, what to do in these situations and it is one time I think politicians get beat up unfairly. Of course the biggest sports play or not play with hurricane sandy was the playing of Nets, Knicks and running the NYC Marathon.

The debate is two fold, the phycological issue of a tragedy and the economic impact, which often means needing many city resources to spend money to make money. In this case, I would have played the all games, but would not have held the marathon, as it was cancelled correctly. Just too many needed resources in other parts of NYC were needed for clean-up and security, that would have had to be taken away for the marathon. Despite the fact it would have meant huge dollars for the city, plus many people working that will now not be, it appeared to be a correct move.

What do you think, would love your opinion in the comment section below, or you can always email me with your thoughts of any subject either to or

James Dolan---Sticking with the tragedy in NYC, I hope this changes. The Dolan family, run mostly by James Dolan, that owns the world's greatest arena, at least they say so, Madison Square Garden and the second richest team in the NBA, the New York Knicks, estimated to be worth $800 million, issued a memo to all employees last week saying they would need to take a vacation day if they were not able to make it to the Knicks/Heat game on Friday night. Is it called insensitive.

Baseball Ratings----For my money, Fox does a terrific job with covering baseball and especially the World Series. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver have sustained the test of time, but what has not sustained the test of time is the TV ratings and number of viewers.

Do you realize that to this day, the highest number of viewers ever to watch a World Series game was in 1980, it was the sixth game of the World Series between the Phllies and Royals, that attracted an audience of 54.9 million.

Sadly, the opening game of this year's World Series, had an audience of 12.2 million. Even sadder, that game was only the fourth time in World Series history that two present or former Cy Young winners were the starting pitchers. Of course the match-up was Zito vs Verelander.

High School Football---You know it had to happen and will continue to happen. The Ohio High School Athletic Association was issued a restraining order this past week by Judge Richard McMongagle not to start the playoffs, because of a dispute from teams, as to if a forfeited win during the season, would actually count as a win for any team.

The Judge has not rescinded the order and the playoffs will continue and go on. Point here, rightly or wrongly, we have seen the courts involved in all areas of sports, because it is such a big business, but now it has reached the high school level.

NOW For Small College Hoops

OIT---Much like I have started doing in my blog for, adopting a team to follow each year on the D-1 level, which is the Cal State U Bakersfield Roadrunners, in this blog each Sunday, I have now adopted the OIT Hustling Owls.

And why not, they are the defending NAIA Division 2 national champions and they have a coach in Danny Miles that it is a joke he is not in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. This is not to mention they have a legendary state of Oregon broadcaster in Bobby Thompson and the school has the best college president in the country in Chris Maples.

So each Sunday, starting next week watch for some great tidbits and info on OIT basketball.

Concordia---Hats off to Brad Barbarick, Concordia head coach for taking on as tough a pre-league schedule as an NAIA team and member of the Cascade Collegiate Conference will ever do. In order, after today, the Cavaliers will have played, U of Portland, Oregon, Portland State and Eastern Washington. Wow. And I think people on both sides of the ball this past Friday night would have to admit, Concordia should have beaten Portland State, losing by three 96-93, in probably one of the greatest games ever in Portland State's Stott Center.

Attendance---You are really missing something in California, Washington or Oregon, if you do not go out and see a small college basketball game. Whether it be D-3, NAIA, Community or Junior College, plus the great Christian leagues that have teams like Multnomah and Portland Bible that I watch often. The games are family friendly, great admission and concession prices, so just get out and go please.

Clif Wegner---Congrats to Clif, the award winning coach of Clackamas Community College Cougars men's team for putting on another great Clackamas Community College basketball jamboree this past Saturday. Great teams, lots of fun and what players they have in the NWAACC.

Not to mention you never know who you might see at Clackamas Community College. Saturday it was great to see Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer Dave Husted and his wife Michelle, who will be following the Cougars all year long. Of course it is a complete joke Dave Husted is not in the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame, 21 careers wins, plus four US Opens.

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