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Monday, November 30, 2020

They Also Play The Game - Seeing Beyond The Chosen One


By Harry Cummins

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


     In Bertolt Brecht's The Life of Galileo, a character remarks, "Unhappy is the land that breeds no hero." To which Galileo responds,"unhappy is the land that needs one."

    I am suggesting we simply try out Galileo's axiom when it comes to the way we watch sports. At present, this means seeing our favorite games unfold on television screens, since Covid-19 has shuttered so many gyms and stadiums across this country.

     All thru this holiday season of giving, try to telescope with a keen eye those we dismissively describe as "role players." Study the orbit of the offensive lineman who seems to be merely taking up space. The undersized forward who battles for position in the key. Take your eyes off the touchdown makers and the rim-rattlers.

    Stop 'star-gazing' long enough to see a sacrificial community at work for the 'other.'

     Perhaps a much needed new way of seeing ....a panacea in a time of pandemic.


Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday Pac-12 Football Power Rankings - November 29, 2020

What a wild Thanksgiving weekend of Pac-12 Football that was. Here you go with this week's Power Rankings:

1. Washington

2. Colorado

3. USC

4. Arizona State

5. Oregon State

6. Oregon


8. Washington State

9. Stanford

10. Utah

11. California

12. Arizona

Let the disagreements begin. Please, just be "civil."

Bill Crawford is a long-time Eugene radio personality and freelance sportscaster. The opinions expressed are strictly his own. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Saturday, November 28, 2020

30 Years Ago - Heisman Air Show


By Harry Cummins

     On this week in history, 30 years ago, Brigham Young quarterback Ty Detmer threw for a career best 560 yards and 5 TD's to lead the Cougars to a 45-10 victory over Utah State.  It was also the 23rd straight game with 300 or more passing yards for Detmer, an NCAA record.

    For the game, BYU amassed 732 yards in total offense.  A few weeks later, Detmer became the first BYU quarterback to win the Heisman Trophy, edging Notre Dame's all purpose running back Raghib"Rocket" Ismail and Colorado runnning back Eric Bieniemy.

     Detmer set or tied 25 NCAA passing and total offense records during his career.

Craw’s Corner, Saturday, November 28th

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

ORANGES—- Who doesn’t like oranges. Yes, by far during the pandemic it has been the most popular purchased fruit worldwide, even causing a shortage worldwide early on. But proof that even fruit can become oversupplied, now the demand has decreased dramatically worldwide. Oh well, oranges taste great and always will.

WEIGHTLIFTING—- During the pandemic, weightlifting has been on the increase big time. I am not about to tell you that I am an expert on the subject and for sure have never been asked to be the guest poser at any gym. However I do study the subject and one thing all the experts say, do your weightlifting at night. Your muscles are much more warmed up and you will get much better results.

AMAZON—- No matter what you think of Amazon, this is a fact. Worldwide in 2020 Amazon has hired over 1,000 people per day worldwide to permanent jobs. Something no company has done in this century.

POWER RANKINGS—- I can hardly wait for Bill Crawford’s PAC-12 football power rankings tomorrow exclusively in Craw’s Corner. Things got muddled up big time last night with the sterling upset of Oregon State over Oregon. 

EMPTY ARENAS— It is great to watch college basketball on TV, but like so many others, empty arenas do not cut it for me. What was the hurry? By most indications, if you want a  COVID

vaccination, you are going to be able to get it by March. Why not start college hoops on April 15th and have May Madness, where fans could attend and everyone would be safer. 

Bill Bradley - On How To Pick A President


"How should we select the next presidential nominee?

Smoke filled rooms? Brokered convention? National primary?

Personally, I prefer jump shots from the top of the key."

-Bill Bradley                        

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Illinois Early Pick To Nab National Title


By Harry Cummins

     It's good to see NCAA D-1 college basketball finally off the launch pad.

     With the prospects of a complete season still hanging in the air, why not just go ahead and predict a national champion during this opening week salvo.  Anyone can embark on such a fool's errand, so who you got?

     From this corner, I see the Illinois Fighting Illini (3-0) cutting down the nets on the 2020-21 season. Coach Brad Underwood's squad is bolstered by the return of Ayo Dosunmu and Kofi Cockburn, who both bypassed the NBA draft to return to Champaign. Freshman-of-the-year candidate, guard Adam Miller, will fulfill the '.and a little child shall lead them'.. prophecy.

     Happy Thanksgiving to all contenders and pretenders alike. Please stay safe!!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Please, Don't Call it the Civil War

On June 26th, officials at the University of Oregon and Oregon State University had announced that athletic events between the two schools will no longer be referred to as the "Civil War." 

Before leaving his post, OSU President Dr. Ed Ray said that changing the name was long overdue as it represented a connection to a war to perpetuate slavery. It was also an acknowledgement that not changing the name before now was a mistake.

Former Beaver football standouts Ken Simonson and Steven Jackson are among members of OSU's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee that supports removing the tern "Civil War" from the series.

OSU's Vice President and Director of Athletics Scott Barnes also thanked U of O President Michael Schill and Athletic Director Rob Mullens for their collaboration in the process. Barnes, Schill and Mullens have moved forward to continuing to work to highlight the rivalry.

The 124th edition of the football game between the two schools will be played this Friday (11/27) at Reser Stadium in Corvallis starting at 4:00pm.

The two schools' men's basketball teams have played each other a record 354 times.

Personally, I've been seeing many posts on various social media (mainly Facebook) that there will still be detractors that will continue to refer to the Ducks-Beavers games as Civil Wars. My advice - move forward, please. Not backward. If you still want to refer to these athletic events as "Civil Wars," you may need to rethink your stance on slavery.

Bill Crawford is a long-time Eugene radio personality and freelance radio play-by-play voice of the Eugene Overhead Door Challengers American Legion baseball program. He also is the play-by-play voice of Henley High School football and post-season high school football, basketball, softball and baseball for Wynne Broadcasting, a locally-owned six radio station group based in Klamath Falls. 

The opinions expressed are strictly his own. 

Arthur Miller's Uneasy Truths


By Harry Cummins

     In 2005, when award-winning playwright Arthur Miller died at his home in Connecticut at the age of 89, we lost one of this country's great public thinkers.  

     Mr. Miller was of the opinion that the individual had a serious moral responsibility for his or her behavior, and for the behavior of society as a whole.

     Writing in "The Crucible" Miller surmised "The longer I worked the more certain I felt that as improbable as it might seem, there were moments when an individual conscience was all that could keep a world from falling."

     Flash forward to the world on Thanksgiving 2020.  The very same lights on Broadway that dimmed the night Miller died, are now off indefinitely. We appear to be entering the darkest days of a year-long pandemic. 

    In his autobiography "Timebends", Miller quotes the physicist Hans Bethe on explaining his morning routine, "Well, I take up my pencil ...and I try to think.."

     It's an impulse that seems to have lost favor in our society.  Private and public thinking!

     I am going to pledge to do more thinking myself,  just maybe not this week.  College basketball season finally starts tomorrow, Virgin River is back for another season Friday on Netflix, and Sunday night we all find out who killed Elena on the Undoing.

     Monday morning, if the weekend hasn't bent my moral responsibility, I just may pick up a pencil.... and decide to do some serious thinking.



Craw’s Corner, Tuesday, November 24th Edition

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

SPORTS—- Power Rankings are appealing to readers. We for sure need to do more of them at Craw’s Corner. Big congrats to Bill Crawford for his work on last Sunday’s PAC-12 football power rankings. It takes a lot of homework and Bill will continue his efforts each Sunday for you great readers.

SPORTS—- The Cascade Collegiate Conference is a great league, especially when it comes to basketball. It has a superior commissioner in Rob Cashell, so it was really sad to see yesterday that two conference members, Evergreen State and Walla Walla University have shut down their sports programs for 20-21. Good news is they will be back hopefully stronger than ever for 21-22.

SPORTS—- A raging high school debate always starts this time of year. Should states that don’t use a shot clock in basketball, do so? You can weigh in anytime, but yes, every state that does not use a shot clock should. One great reason, it puts players at a real disadvantage that come from a non shot clock state when they advance their careers to college where the shot clock is huge.

SPORTS— I hope he succeeds big time at Oregon State, football coach Jonathan Smith is an impressive person. Just listen to an interview with him and you can learn lots, not only football, but life.

CRAW’s CORNER— I was asked the other day by someone who wanted to write for Craw’s Corner, but was worried they have no experience. No worries, we will take the non experienced and experienced writers. If you are interested, contact me

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday Pac-12 Football Power Rankings - November 22, 2020

I've had people request that I do a Pac-12 Power Ranking. It's something I've never done before, so if you feel led to respond, please do so politely.

With that said, here we go. This is the first Pac-12 Football Power Rankings of the 2020 season:

1. Oregon

2. USC

3. Colorado

4. Washington


6. Arizona State

7. Washington State

8. Oregon State

9. California

10. Utah

11. Stanford

12. Arizona

There you have it. Let's see how this week plays out. 

Update: This week's Apple Cup football game has been canceled due to Washington State having to deal with COVID-19 within its program. 

Bill Crawford is a long-time Eugene radio personality and freelance sportscaster. He is currently on the air on KKNX and is also the play-by-play voice of the Eugene Overhead Door Challengers. He also is the radio voice of Henley Hornets football and other postseason high school sports for Wynne Broadcasting in Klamath Falls. 

The opinions expressed are strictly his own.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

A Time To Tell Stories


By Harry Cummins

It's time to tell our stories to each other.....and really LISTEN.

"There isn't anyone 

you couldn't love

once you've heard

their story"

- Mary Lou Kownacki

Craw’s Corner, November 21st, 2020

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

BOOKS—- Harry Cummins does a great job of giving us some history on books. If you have a great book that everyone should read, I am sure Harry would like to hear from you. Allow me to throw out a couple. 1) Breath by James Nestor 2) Getting Your Ideas Approved by Jon Spoelstra. You can thank me later please.

TENSION—- We came together in United States after September 11th. We came together after the economic meltdown of 2008. For most part as we should, we rally to help people after natural disasters. So tell me please, what is so dam tough about wearing a mask? Explain to me please how that takes away your freedom? I might not agree, but I will listen.

COMEDY— Yours truly is doing some in depth studying on how to be a comedy writer. Yes, I was actually urged to do so by a couple of comedians, so I am taking a subject that makes you laugh seriously. You might even see some of my work here. Stand by.

SPORTS—- Theo Epstein recently resigned as president of Chicago Cubs after a great run there and previously with Boston Red Sox. If I were Philadelphia Phillies I would throw kitchen sink at him to come and run their team. Epstein says he wants a year off. He is too young to take one. Phillies make your move now and you will be set for next 10 years.

Want some tremendous holiday deals to make you life better, both personally and professionally, email me at no obligation,

Thursday, November 19, 2020

If There Were Fans

If there were fans allowed at Pac-12 football stadiums this season, and if those fans could cheer Chip Kelly's return to Eugene this Saturday as Oregon hosts UCLA at 12:30 pm, would they cheer him for what he did as the Head Coach of the Ducks? Or would he be booed as he's the current Head Coach of the Bruins?

I would boo him. Even though Chip did great things for the Oregon football program during his tenure in Eugene, Kelly was rude and very condescending to the media or anyone else who would want to talk to him outside of football.

As a member of the media, I don't enjoy being talked down to. I don't enjoy being talked down to even if I wasn't a media member. Do you?

Kelly's favorite rally cry was "Win the Day!" Lose it, Chip.

Bill Crawford is a radio personality and freelance sportscaster for stations in Eugene and Klamath Falls. The opinions expressed are my own.

Covid Cliff Tourism



 by Harry Cummins - 

 They shall not be swayed

                          where to safely walk

  wayfarers on the precipice

                         in pursuit of 

                                      still another selfie.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Craw’s Corner, Thursday, November 19th, 2020

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

POLITICS—- On local level I have been involved in several issues over my many years. Luckily I still have friends on both sides and some pretty good sources still. I am hearing many Dems are furious with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schmur for not winning back the Senate. Of course he is only one person, but the leader always gets blamed. The most fuming issues are the monies spent on non winners and some terrible polling. When you spend $90 million and a candidate loses, there is

going to be angst. The monies spent on Senate races is totally obscene and me included, every American should be embarrassed by it. (Note, I do realize the Dems could win back the Senate if they sweep the two runoff races in Georgia, in January, but chances of winning both are slim and none.)

COVID—- I spoke today with a highly thought of behavioral health expert and his feelings are that even when we get back to “normalcy” the negative impact of this pandemic could last for years for many people. Just being isolated takes it toll on many, let alone the economic impact. Let’s hope this is not the case and we all can be as positive as possible which helps.

FOOD—- In case you have not tried the Beyond Burger, do so. For my money it is the best vegetarian product ever made and there have been some good ones. Let me know what you think.

HELP OUT—- 3 things you can do this holiday season and for that matter, any season, 1) Give a homeless pet a loving home 2) Buy a toy for a child that might not get one 3) Check on you elderly neighbors, give them a card or some food, they will love it and you will too. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

1980 Horse 🐎 Tale Begs Re-Discovery


By Harry Cummins

     Looking for a book that can challenge the way you see the world?  Tall order indeed!

     Forty years ago, I stumbled onto Bill Barich's Laughing In The Hills.  Circumstantially, perhaps it arrived at a time in my life when it's message had a ready point of entry with room to run.

     Yet, this doesn't explain why it remains as one of best books I have ever read.  In 2020, a dark period of universal loss, this just may be, hands down, the best book you will read this year.


Finding Virtue in November

By Harry Cummins -

 Normally in November, I am distracted by the busyness that is college basketball. Needless to say..this is NOT an ordinary November.

 The pandemic year 2020 has taught me a lot about patience. Foremost, being patient has presented me with an opportunity to pay attention to things beyond the world as I wish it to be. I have become somewhat thankful for this gift of attentiveness. It has allowed me to see some things that were once unseen. The landscape this winter is no longer shadowed by my own preoccupations. I think this is a good thing. 

Christmas is soon coming to this year unlike any other. As I decorate our tree, I plan to appreciate the small ornaments of my existence that busyness had neglected. So much is shaped by our vision, our capacity for attentiveness.

 Be patient. Pay attention to the compelling newness of November.  Even without the bounce of a basketball!

Crawscorner Tuesday Edition, November 17th, 2020

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

SPORTS—- With 2020 NBA Draft upon us don’t be fooled. Yes I study the Draft, but with caution. In most years, only the top 8-10 picks count. Yes, everyone can name a 2nd round pick that has been highly successful in NBA, but that is rare. A great game to play, five years out re-Draft. It is always fun to see the differences.

YOUR ????—- With our change of format, thanks for asking and here is some of your answers.

1. We will publish 4 days per week. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, count on it.

2. Yes, if there is a season, we will have in depth coverage of college basketball and for sure lots of news about PAC-12, NWAC and Cascade Collegiate Conference.

3. Yes, the 10 year anniversary of Crawscorner, will come up in 2021.

4. Finally thanks for emails on expanding beyond sports, always sports , but you will see plenty else on this site.

NEWS—- More surveys are out, but one thing never changes. The most important thing

 by far to employees, nothing comes close is WAGES. Additionally, a job is so important, most of us are built to work and many to work hard.

ECONOMY—- If you want your business to sustain, to thrive and to grow, focus on one thing, Customer Service. Think about who cares about their customers, that love comes back to them big time. 

Our email,

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Crawscorner Sunday Edition, November 15th

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

Ever so often something needs an update or change. After careful planning and some research, today you will see a different look to Crawscorner. Biggest changes will come from more than sports,

shorter capsule summaries will prevail, with the exception of our feature writers. We will also be consistent, publishing on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Thanks for reading—- Gregory Crawford, founder of Crawscorner.

SPORTS—- It is as painful for myself as anyone, but as of today I do not see a college basketball season happening. The pros have money to lose on conducting seasons, colleges do not. Hoping I am 100 percent wrong.

Under a pandemic, who would have thought playing golf would make  huge comeback? It has, now the big question for next five years, can the growth be sustained? Golf needs to work extra hard, to retain these new players and get even more.

POLITICS—- Before the Republicans lost, they actually won, big time. The make up of Supreme Court heavily favors Republicans even though we all know Courts are never politically inclined, ha ha. As for Presidency, it might be a long stretch before we ever see a Republican President, unless Republicans realize the minority communities vote TOO.

MASKS—I am proud to say that I work in hospital, I have a mask on most days a total of 6 hours. So far that mask has not bit me, I still have all my teeth and my nose is not broken. Wear YOUR masks, it might save your life and many others. 

We will be back again Tuesday, always looking for writers on any subject, email is and thank you. 

Friday, November 13, 2020

New TV Voice of the Portland Trail Blazers

It was announced by the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday that Jordan Kent is now the new TV voice of the Portland Trail Blazers on NBC Sports Northwest.

Kent finished up the 2020 NBA campaign once the season resumed as previous play-by-play host Kevin Calabro resigned during the break in the season.

Kent graduated from Winston Churchill High School in Eugene (the same high school as this writer), where he excelled in basketball and track and is the holder of 11 individual and team state championships. Kent is a son of former Oregon men's basketball player and Head Coach Ernie Kent, who was also the Head Coach at Saint Mary's and most recently, Washington State. 

Jordan Kent later became a three-sport letterman (football, men's basketball and track) at Oregon, the first Pac-10 Conference three-sport letterman. After Oregon, he played in the National Football League, having been drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2007, mainly playing on special teams and lined up as a receiver against Miami during the 2008 season. 

After he was cut in 2009 by the Seahawks, he signed with the St. Louis Rams and was cut in 2010.

Kent has also covered Pac-12 football, track and basketball games.

His knowledge of sports, his broadcast background and having filled in with the Blazers TV crew at the end of the 2020 season will help him a great deal as he prepares for the upcoming 72-game regular season campaign, slated to start on December 22nd. Let's hope that Blazers President Chris McGowan gives him every opportunity to succeed. 

Kent and Blazers TV analyst Lamar Hurd, have such outstanding chemistry and they sound like they're having fun when they're on TV. I hope they're together for years to come.

Bill Crawford is a long-time radio personality in Eugene currently with KKNX and KEED, along with being a radio Account Executive with KKNX, KEED and KORE (Fox Sports Eugene). Crawford is also a freelance sportscaster as he's the radio play-by-play voice of the Eugene Challengers American Legion baseball team on KKNX and also for Wynne Broadcasting in Klamath Falls as the play-by-play voice of Henley High School football and post-season football, basketball, softball and baseball for Henley, Mazama and Lost River High Schools. He is a 1978 graduate of Southern Oregon University in Ashland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Communications and a 1974 graduate of Churchill High School in Eugene, where he played football and was also in track and field. 

He can be reached by email at


Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Alex Trebek

There have been many TV game shows over the years. Of course, there have been many game show hosts. These people come to mind - John Charles Daly ("What's My Line?"), Garry Moore ("To Tell the Truth") and Hugh Downs ("Concentration" long before "20/20"). Iconic game show hosts also come to mind - Bill Cullen (many), Gene Rayburn ("Match Game), Bob Eubanks ("The Newlywed Game"), Peter Marshall ("Hollywood Squares"), Chuck Woolery ("Love Connection), Pat Sajak ("Wheel of Fortune") and Bob Barker ("Truth or Consequences" and "The Price Is Right"). Yes, even Dick Clark, Tom Kennedy and Allen Ludden come to mind. All great people.

None of these hosts became more iconic than Alex Trebek, the host of "Jeopardy." Trebek passed away on Sunday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Nobody in television game show history became more associated with a game show than Alex Trebek was with "Jeopardy." He genuinely cared and always wanted to learn more about the information presented to him over his 37 years hosting the show.

Episodes that were recorded two weeks ago are being shown from now through Christmas. Here are some names that are being discussed as a possible replacement:

George Stephanopoulos, Alex Faust, Laura Coates, Ken Jennings and yes, even 98-year-old Betty White. Stephanopoulos is the Chief News Anchor and political correspondent at ABC News, a coanchor on "Good Morning America" and host of the ABC TV Sunday morning current events news program "This Week." He was a Senior Advisor to former President Bill Clinton. Faust is currently the Los Angeles Kings hockey announcer, while Coates is a CNN legal analyst. Ken Jennings is well known as the "Greatest "Jeopardy" Player of All Time" and was named as a consulting producer and brand ambassador in September. He also appears on the Game Show Network's "Master Minds." Of course, you know Betty White as an all-time TV icon as an actress, game show contestant and widow of "Password" host Allen Ludden. 

My take is that Jennings will be named permanent host soon. He is more closely associated with "Jeopardy" and there was talk that he's being groomed to one day be Trebek's replacement. That "one day" is now here. Look for Jennings' name to be announced in the near future. It'll be a perfect fit. 

As "The Price Is Right" made a smooth transition from Bob Barker to Drew Carey in recent years, the "Jeopardy" transition from Trebek to Jennings should also be seamless. 

Bill Crawford is a long-time radio personality in Eugene currently with KKNX and KEED, along with being a radio Account Executive with KKNX, KEED and KORE (Fox Sports Eugene). Crawford is also a freelance sportscaster as he's the radio play-by-play voice of the Eugene Challengers American Legion baseball team on KKNX and also for Wynne Broadcasting in Klamath Falls as the play-by-play voice of Henley High School football and post-season football, basketball, softball and baseball for Henley, Mazama and Lost River High Schools. He is a 1978 graduate of Southern Oregon University in Ashland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Communications and a 1974 graduate of Churchill High School in Eugene, where he played football and was also in track and field. 

He can be reached by email at

Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Best Advice I Ever Got - A Prizefighter's Wisdom.


The oldest champion in ring history, Archie Moore also was known to offer words of encouragement to troubled kids and prison inmates alike.  He loved the element of surprise, as this journalist found out.

By Harry Cummins

    The best advice I have ever received should have flattened me like a sucker punch, but instead, took some time to land full force on my head-strong life. 

     The words that momentarily stopped me in my tracks did not come from a parent, teacher, philosopher, or theologian, but instead, from the former light heavyweight champion of the world, the late Archibald Leigh Moore. Clearly here was a man with more than a round-house right mentality. 

     The advice from the pugilist who holds the record for inflicting the most knockouts of any fighter in the modern era of boxing came in the form of a scribbled letter postmarked from a Rodeway Inn in Houston,Texas .  Archie and I were in the habit of exchanging frequent letters ever since my profile story on him had appeared in Boxing Scene magazine describing the night he almost put down Rocky Marciano for the count.  I eagerly awaited his letters from far-flung places, finely tuned with the eyes of a sharpshooter, flicking through the events of his life like an old newsreel.

     At the time I was also a competitive runner in my 40's and captive to a single-minded training regime in preparation for the 5th Avenue Masters Mile in New York City.  I was battling a lingering Achilles injury at the time and Moore had invited me to spend a week at his San Diego home, where he promised to heal my leg with a special snake oil mixture and reveal training secrets know only to him.  

     Despite my willingness to go to great lengths to win a footrace, circumstance prevented me from accepting his invitation.  In return, I received the following surprise sentence midway thru the aforementioned correspondence from the Champ:


       "Your race must not be for a prize - it will be to help someone who really needs help."

     In the tumultuous and happenstance years that have followed, Archie Moore has been laid to his rest.  I now struggle, as do many others, to patch together this swiss-cheese year 2020.  So many questions, so many loses. Winning has lost its luster in its wake

     What I am keenly aware of right now is the sense that something new is happening in our world and  old eyes once fixed on a former prize can no longer be trusted to see this urgent newness.  

     A prizefighter's words have taken hold, as I join a long list of others, in and out of the ring, who have been hit with Archie Moore's conscience-altering 'best shots.'

     The race is still to be run. I see no shortage in search of those who need help.  

     In 1963, Moore , age 46 at the time, fought a young Cassius Clay, later to become Muhammad Ali. Moore was knocked out in four rounds as the brash Clay had predicted, but not before staggering and nearly finishing Clay in the opening round.

     "Archie never accomplished greatness at the right time," a mutual friend, Johnny Howard, once told me.

     I beg to differ.  I got a letter, and words to live by, to prove it!!