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Sunday, March 3, 2024

The 'Politics of Movement' 2024



By Harry Cummins

Nearly 40 years ago, working on a profile for Boxing Scene magazine, I sat down with the celebrated prize fighter Archie Moore in his hotel suite and asked the knockout king of all-time to peer into his crystal ball and fortell the future of the human race.

 His brief response remains one of the more prophetic utterances I have ever heard, reanimated and remembered daily after all these years.

When asked in 1986 what he viewed as the most pressing problem worldwide he responded: " I am very concerned with the plight of the homeless," replied the former Light Heavyweight Champion of the world.  

"Right now I'm working with HUD to find suitable low cost housing for the disadvantaged. Thru poverty and wars, the world has evolved into what I describe as the politics of movement. It is a problem that I fear won't go away soon."

Archie Moore died 12 years later in 1998 at the age of 84.

We all remain on this world's Jericho Road... reminded of Archie's unabated divination while still deciding who is our neighbor.