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Saturday, July 9, 2011



Kerry Keating----Congratulations to coach Keating on his recent extension of his contract at Santa Clara, not the easiest place to win ball games and recruit. Of course it was Craw's Corner that selected Keating as its first ever west coast coach of the year last season. And you can repeat for that honor, so we will watch what the Broncos can do in the tough West Coast Conference and getting tougher with the addition of BYU.

MLB All-Star Game----We want to wish a great reader of this blog, a great umpire and an even greater person, Dale Scott, the best of luck as he was chosen to be the home plate umpire of this coming Tuesday's major league all-star game. Quite an honor and well deserved for a person who has been at the top of his game for 26 years. By the way, kind of puzzling why Dale Scott is not a member of the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame. He along with Terry Gierke and Terry Durham are people that have been overlooked as sports officials, giants at their craft and just flat deserve to be in the Oregon Sports HOF.

Johnny Dawkins----I along with many other people were kind of surprised that Dawkins got a contract extension recently. With an under .500 career record for the Cardinal, the Stanford administration must see something that other people do not. It is going to be even tougher for Stanford to move up in the Pac-12, with almost ever team this year being improved and new members Utah and Colorado coming onboard. Utah on paper appears to have at least an equal team to Stanford and Colorado appears to be much better. As noted in Craw's Corner last week that Rodney Tention is no longer an assistant at Stanford, moving to San Diego, it now is apparent that Dawkins was asked to shake up his staff, before the extension would be granted. It happens often in basketball coaching, change your staff or else no extension.

Sean Kemp Jr.----Nice signing by the Washington Huskies. The oldest of Sean Kemp's many children, by many different women, has the potential to be a nice player for the Huskies. Of course the big question in Seattle is if Romar will be coaching the Huskies this coming season. I have learned that he still is one of the top three choices of David Kahn to replace Kurt Rambis as the coach of the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves. Romar has denied any interest, says he wants to finish his career in Seattle. That may happen, but we have heard that from many basketball coaches and boom, the next thing we know is they are gone.

Five Years Past----I wrote this past week that often people and coaches in sports stay too long at the same place or do not know when to retire. I thought it would be fun to look at some west coast schools and see who was coaching the basketball team in the 2006-07 season and who is coaching at the school as we enter 2011

California-----2006- Ben Braun, 2011-Mike Montgomery

San Francisco----2006-Jessie Evans, 2011-Rex Walters

Washington St.----2006-Tony Bennett, 2011-Ken Bone

Oregon----2006-Ernie Kent, 2011-Dana Altman

UNLV----2006-Lon Kruger, 2011-David Rice

San Diego----2006-Brad Holland, 2011-Billy Grier

USC-----2006-Tim Floyd, 2011-Kevin O'Neill

Boise St.----2006-Greg Graham, 2011-Leon Rice

Arizona----2006-Lute Olson, 2011-Sean Miller

San Jose St.----2006-George Nessman, 2011-George Nessman

Congrats San Jose St. for sticking with a good coach. Seems like Lute Olson has been away from Arizona longer that five years and boy does time fly.

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