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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Big Thanks To Talented Writers

I want to give a big thanks to Seth Hunt and Jovan C. Alford for their great work on this blog.

Of course, Seth covers soccer, twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday, Jovan writes a column on baseball once per week.

I will also be adding sports business snapshots each day starting soon, so there is lots of good stuff to read here. We are also thinking of adding a football writer, bowling and much more. So if you have some talent, please feel free to contribute, just send me an email at

Also always go to for my latest news on college basketball, golf and sports business, as well as the rest of our great team led by Dwight Jaynes and Chris Haynes.

Thanks and keep reading, as well as you can go to for all the latest on the NBA, D-League and high school basketball.

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