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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Pac-12 Men's and Women's Basketball Power Rankings - February 16, 2021

Welp...the time is now for this week's Pac-12 Men's and Women's Basketball Power Rankings. Here it is.


1) USC


3) Colorado

4) Oregon

5) Stanford

6) Arizona

7) Utah

8) Arizona State

9) Oregon State

10) Washington State

11) California

12) Washington


1) Stanford


3) Arizona

4) Oregon

5) USC

6) Washington State

7) Arizona State

8) Colorado

9) Oregon State

10) Utah

11) Washington

12) California

You win some. You lose some. Just try not to lose too much, especially now.

Bill Crawford is a long time Eugene radio personality and is the play-by-play voice of Eugene Challengers American Legion baseball plus he covers high school sports for Wynne Broadcasting in Klamath Falls. You can find him on most social media platforms.

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