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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Joey Gallo Belongs in Discussion of Game's Best


By Harry Cummins

     A studied analysis of the individual skill sets required in determining the best baseball player on the planet seldom linger on the physical attributes of 27 year-old Texas Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo.

     Perhaps that is all about to change.

     Gallo has sent 11 baseballs into orbit in his last 12 games.  He is hitting .378 over that span. He leads major league baseball in walks with 72.  He is set to participate in the Home Run Derby in Colorado is just a few days.  At 6'5", he has the foot speed to play center field and steal bases.(A perfect 6 for 6 this season)   You do not want to run on his outfield throwing arm, considered by many to be the strongest in MLB.  He won a Golden Glove in 2020.

      Are there others out there who can see past those frequent whiffs in order to take a closer look at one of the game's very best?  

     Let the overdue conversations begin! 


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