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Monday, June 6, 2011

In Case You Missed It

It is always good to catch up and in doing so, I wanted to bring you up to date on some things I have written about and also share some information.

Pink Whistles---My Memorial Day column was about the dispute between the Pacific Northwest Football Officials and their governing body over the use of pink whistles during a series of games and the punishment that was dealt them, which has for the last eight months been  an international story and outcry against the Washington Officials Association.

The PNFA have now hired a high powered Seattle, Washington attorney and are in the process of filing a lawsuit against the Washington Officials Association and its board. This could get either really ugly or a settlement could be reached soon. As I wrote in my column, this is an easy settlement and I am leaning towards it never gets to court.

Danny Miles and Brad Jackson--- It was really nice to know that both of these outstanding people and coaches took the time to write to myself and thank me for the things I said about both in recent columns. It shows a lot about the type of people both of these men are, but also it is never necessary, as I write this blog for the benefit of the many people around the country and the especially the great west coast basketball fans who read it each and everyday. Thank you Coach Miles and Jackson, for being so polite.

Center Court Line----In my research on Oregon getting a center court line that can be visible to 99 percent of the live audience or people watching on tv, there is nothing new. Bottom line, it needs to be more visible, right now the only people who can see it as I have written before is someone standing two feet over the line, with a magnifying glass. Let's get real here Ducks, there is a difference between being edgy and and being disrespectful to the game.

Seattle U---All kind of people have written to myself about why they think Seattle U. is not getting into the West Coast Conference of which I have written about, which seems like a no-brainer. Many have expressed the opinion that Gonzaga and the University of Portland are holding up the process, if there even is a process that is current. To be fair, the last time the teams in the WCC voted on this issue it was 8-0 against admitting the Redhawks for membership into the league. It is something I will follow up on and let you know any news in the weeks ahead. If Seattle U. does not get into the WCC eventually, the only way to describe it is,  travesty. In case your wondering, I am not even a Seattle U. fan, I just like fairness and what makes common sense.

No 2nd Overtime---In one of my columns last month, I wrote about eliminating a second overtime in college basketball games if needed and replace it with a free throw shoot out. Many thought the column was a spoof, that I was just trying a little humor. The true facts are that is not the case. I watch a lot of college basketball both live and on tv and factually the worst part of any games when they reach that point is the second overtime. Horribly played and horribly officiated is usually the norm. My proposal would put so much strategy, pressure and excitement into overtime, why not think outside the box.

Bill Russell---Thanks for all the comments about my initial CRAWFACTS, it will return late this week. You like it and by your comments you especially liked the part about Bill Russell changing the entire history of the NBA and not related to his being the greatest shot blocker of all time in basketball, but his turning down a huge offer to join the Harlem Globetrotters out of  college and then being drafted by the Boston Celtics.

Washington Generals---The Generals do prove that there are good guys who can finish last. The Generals in their constant battle to defeat the Harlem Globetrotters have lost over 14,000 games. As I wrote about how the Generals came to prominence following a game between Seattle U and the Globetrotters in 1952,  it is obvious by the emails I received,  the Generals have a following that would shock a lot of people and are adored by more than just a few fans. A gentleman in Oklahoma even writes daily a nicely done blog on the Washington Generals,
Who would have thought.

I want to personally thank everyone who reads this blog and people who write emails, even if you disagree,  as you often do. While I really enjoy doing this, it means even more that people can enjoy reading the columns. THANK YOU.

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  1. An extremely well written commentary on previous columns. Keep up the terrific sports journalism.

    A Don fan, A Chieftain & a ref