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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Will Hornets Still Be Stuck In Mud

Unlike other sports fans, I am not really a strong fan of any specific sports teams.

I love sports and actually love the business of sports even more.

For new readers and old readers, it is rather evident I do love basketball and have grown more and more each year of my life,  to love college basketball.

Without being a fan, there are some teams I just root for, for reasons sometimes that are complex and sometimes easy to explain.

The Sacramento Hornets men's basketball team is one team as of late that I root for.

It is not even the fact that I love Sacramento as a city, it has friendly people, the way they have supported the losing ways of the Kings as of late is tremendous and the whole area does a great job of supplying our nation with great food.

It is the fact that I just like their head coach Brian Katz. I have never met him, never conversed with him and might never get the chance too.

What I like about Katz is his demeanor on the sidelines during a game and the way he coaches. He carries himself as well as any college coach in the game today with the way he treats his players, the way he treats referees and the way he treats fans and the media.

I don't buy this crap that it is always about wins-losses or the fact you have to act like a jerk to be a good coach. In his three years at Sacramento State, Katz does not have a stellar record, but things do seem to be improving, as each year he has won more conference games than the previous season and last year lost eight games by a total of six points or less.

This year the Hornets have a nice recruiting class coming in and I do feel they are ready to take a major leap in the Big Sky standings, the league at least on paper appears to be as wide open as it has been in many years.

It will be a pivotal year for Katz, being the fourth of what is thought to be a five year contract. In this day and age of quick changes and it is all about the bottom line, patience sometimes does not prevail like it should.

Brian Katz to myself appears to be a person who conducts himself the way we expect people to conduct themselves in life. That is why I am rooting for a successful Hornet basketball season and I will be watching the progress for sure.

Sometimes my greatest joy in writing this blog is writing about people, players and teams in the Big Sky. The Big Sky has some really good coaches and the league plays a good band of basketball, but puzzling always is that the Big Sky office seems to treat basketball as an after thought and does a horrible job marketing the sport. Example, the post season play-offs in the Big Sky are as archaic as any play-offs in all NCAA sports. I am not sure the Big Sky office even knows that we landed on the moon or that Lyndon Johnson is not the President.

So Brian Katz, wishing you a great basketball season and Big Sky office wishing you to come out of your sleepy ways.

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