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Friday, September 2, 2011

September SHOCKER

Here we go, new month, new attitude, new energy and ready to roll into the start of the college basketball season.

Since I do not believe in the jinx theory, nor do I subscribe to the crawscorner hex as some have suggested.

I am going to make the boldest prediction I have ever made and you all need to take notice.

The Portland State Vikings will win the Big Sky championship this year in men's basketball. Yes those Vikings who play in a clean, sparkling, but awfully small arena,  the Stott Center, which is seldom filled, but as noted, has the best band of any school in the country, with the band having an average of what I would guess 50 years old.

Back to the basketball court, the Vikings have lots of talent, they are flying under the radar and they have a good young coach, who will get even better, once he learns to spend less time barking at officials. (Note to Coach Tyler Geving, there is a point in time that too much complaining to refs and they just tune you out, save your voice).

In my mind the Vikings will have the best player in the league this year in Chehales Tapscott. Just a good talent who continues to improve all aspects of his game. Charles Odum is also a player not many people talk about, but there is not a better driver of the basketball to the hoop, in all of college basketball and an improving defender.

When you toss in Washington State transfer Michael Harthun, who some are forgetting was one of the best high school players ever in the state of Oregon, plus the potential of freshman redshirt Brandon Catalda, clogging up the middle, the Vikings have some talent.

Unlike other leagues around the country, it is easy to win the Big Sky. There are at best three quality teams in the league and the Viks can match up to any of them.

And a great note about Portland State, after having a dismal APR under Ken Bone, Coach Geving gets it and the Viks have shown as dramatic an improvement in that area as any team in the country.

I said I am back, better than ever, and coming out strong, with a great prediction, which will come true in March. Put it on your whatever you use to keep track of things, Viks win Big Sky title and then win tournament and meet Purdue in first round the NCAA tournament.

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