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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I AM Not Happy, Losing Hope, Wait

Yes, the world is coming to an end.

For the first time in my life I am seeing no hope for the future. Everyone is upset at each other, we have people who can't even sit down and have a good meeting, without jawing at each other.

Sports is spiraling out of control and no one seems to care, as long as my team is winning, what the heck, that is what the fans care about.

I am even upset that intelligent people on both sides can't seem to work out an NBA agreement, because as I have always said, the lack of the NBA affects many more people than owners and players.

I am actually even so agitated as I write this that I am pounding the keys on the keyboard of my computer, a rarity for myself.

And back to the top, no one seems to care that the economy is upside down, we take care of the whole world every time they have a natural disaster and when we have a massive hurricane the rest of the world is hiding under a rock.

I also do not buy the fact that the only reason we think that more athletes today are getting in trouble is because we have more media. Baloney to that, ##%$&&&@!) and whatever else you wish to call it. Somebody please take charge and get this young people of today under control.

And please somebody, including myself, get this economy rolling. The economy sucks and what happens, they raise gas prices ahead of the labor day weekend. Another brilliant move.

I love politics, I love sports, it is just getting to the point where I am tired of bad decision making and bad people, making stupid decisions.

But tomorrow starts a new month and my attitude is going to change for the better.

It has to start with myself, but I also think about the great people who write to me about this blog each and every day with both positive and negative comments, always welcome.

I also think about all the great friends I have had and still have in life, plus great parents and a great sister, who all have been there in not only the good times, but more in the bad, which is the sign of a great family and great friends and I have the best anyone could ask for.

I also think about people I have never even met, who post the link to my blog, it is called bloggers, helping other bloggers, for lack of my own creativity. People like Kevin, who writes awesome stuff ( and Jon, who might have the toughest job in all of college basketball, trying to make the Big Sky look better with ( Apologies to one of the best friends I have ever had and the best sports information director in the country, Mike Lund, who holds the whole Portland State athletic program together, for ripping on the SKY.

Actually I am starting to feel better already, I am even feeling so good that I plan to keep writing this blog, as long as my hands allow me.

But please, let's get the creeps out of sports and please let's get this economy moving again someone, both are too great to fail like they have been lately.

And by the way, why are sports important? Sports does provide lots of jobs, lots of second jobs for people who need to work just to survive and it provides lots of entertainment for people who never can afford to go to game, or are literally house bound and it is their only form of contact with outside world.

So, I am really rolling now, September is going to be awesome and October even greater. And thanks for putting up with my rant tonight, but one thing for sure, I do care.

And also, last but not least, thanks to all my friends, who I have forced to read this blog, but beyond, being there for myself always, no matter what the situation.

Now I do feel better.

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