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Sunday, March 26, 2017

NBA Draft, 2017, Crawford's Magical 13

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

Each year in March we bring you start of Crawford's Magical 13, of updated continually as we are 95 days out from Draft and we still don't know all the underclassmen in for 2017. Finally, why 13? If you look back 30 years, in 95 percentage of those drafts, only 13 players mattered. OK, here we go in order of preference as well.

13. Jordan Bell, Oregon C
12. Miles Bridges, Michigan State F
11. Harry Giles, Duke C
10. De'Aaron Fox, Kentucky G
9.  Malik Monk, Kentucky G
8.  Markelle Fultz, Washington G
7.  TJ Leaf, UCLA F
6.  LaVar Ball, UCLA PR
5.  Josh Jackson, Kansas F
4.  Jayson Tatum, Duke F
3.  Jonathan Isaac, Florida State F
2.  Lonzo Ball, UCLA G
1.  Dennis Smith, NC State G

Enjoy and where did I go wrong?


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