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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Back When They Were Beautiful...

Who's On Your List?

by Harry Cummins

     If you have been so blessed as to freeze-frame certain athletes of your generation thru a lens of heightened sensitivity, you will be recompensed with the lingering gift of fond remembrance.

     Memories of beauty in any of its forms are gifts that can transform us.  Gifts that unveil the singular grace (or gracefulness) of those given moments that can change the way in which we SEE.

     In pensive recollection this morning, here are 10 athletes that immediately step from the mist of my own fragmented memory.  Ten names that beckon...'do you ever remember me'?  Ten names that actually altered the way I came to view sport as an art form.

Lance Alworth
Sugar Ray Robinson
Connie Hawkins
John Curry
George Gervin
Paul Blair
R.C. Owens
John Walker
Wilma Rudolph
Nolan Ryan

       The next time you watch a sporting contest, look longer and deeper and wider.  In the way we  should all survey this sententious life that surrounds us.  Start with the NBA Finals or the French Open this week.  Find those moments the commentators and next day headline hunters will miss.  These are your chance encounters with beauty....  to one day remember again.

      "Sensitivity isn't about being wimpy, it's about
        being so painfully aware that a flea landing
        on a dog, is like a sonic boom"

                 -Jeff Buckley


  1. Your inclusion of Connie Hawkings revved my senses. Iowa Hawkeye fans were drooling in anticipation while he was a freshman (freshman were not eligible for varsity play in those days). Then the scandal and a detour to fame.

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