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Monday, January 6, 2020

A Pinstripe Centurial

By Harry Cummins

     On this day 100 years ago, pitcher Babe Ruth was acquired by the New York Yankees from their rival, the Boston Red Sox.  The price was record-setting at the time, $125,000.  It represented the largest cash sum ever doled out for a baseball player.

     Fast forward a century.  The Bronx Bombers recently emptied their coffers once again, snatching pitcher Gerrit Cole from their modern-day rival for baseball supremacy, the Houston Astros.

     This time the price....$324 million!!

     Unless Cole can miraculously mutate into a home run icon like the 'Babe'........well....I am just doing the math.

     The National Pastime in America ...will it survive another 100 years??