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Sunday, January 7, 2024

 By Gregory Crawford, Founder of Craw's Corner

CLIMATE CHANGE: I personally am in no way the Denier of climate change. However after living in the Portland, Oregon area for 8 decades, I can verify and sustain the fact, out summers might be a little warmer, but our winters at least in the past 50 years, along with fall and spring have pretty much remained the same.

While each season might be a little different over time, the consistency remains the same. Does this tell us anything scientifically, I will let others tell us and weigh in.

OVERTIME---Speaking of overtime, I do like the idea that the icon Jon Spoelstra talks about when it comes to basketball overtimes. If not the first overtime, the second if needed for sure, (first team to 5 points wins.) Benefits of this change, much more exciting, defense really comes into play and if you really study overtimes, they are poorly played and at times very poorly officiated. Shorten them and you have a better product.

TURN SIGNALS---I would like two introduce you all to  a new concept in driving cars, Turn Signals. If you turn right, push upward, if you turn left push downward. I know this is new to most of you, but like everything else, go out in the driveway and practice. 

INVENTIONS----- What is the greatest invention in the last 200 years? Love to hear your answers and thank you for reading,

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