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Sunday, January 7, 2024

New Year, New Car, New Contributions

After barely contributing in 2023 (I don't think I did), I thought I'd let you know what's going on with me. 

I'm still living in Eugene, married to my sweet wife for almost eight years and together for close to 23 years, still with locally-owned and operated KKNX, Eugene's ONLY Classic Hits radio station (Beavers and Eugene Challengers American Legion baseball station, too) and KEED, Eugene's ONLY Classic Country radio station and KORE Fox Sports Eugene, Eugene's #1 sports station and the Blazers and Chargers radio affiliates in the area.

I'm still doing freelance radio sports play-by-play and am the Public Address Announcer for my high school alma mater, Churchill High School in Eugene. I’m doing football, volleyball, girls and boys basketball plus some baseball if I'm not at work running a Beavers game.

This summer will mark my ninth season as the Eugene Challengers play-by-play radio voice and will continue my role as the Public Address Announcer at home games unless I'm broadcasting a game. Games can be heard on KKNX in Eugene (FM 105.1/AM 840) and It will be the 14th season of games on KKNX, one of just a handful of radio stations in Oregon that carry local American Legion baseball games (Eugene, Roseburg, The Dalles and Florence). 

Also this summer, it's my 50-year class reunion. I'm planning on attending the Churchill class reunion and the Class of 1974 reunion for Crater High School in Central Point, near Medford. Before moving to Eugene originally in 1970, I attended Central Point schools from the first through eighth grade and stay in touch with many of the people I grew up with, some since the first grade back in 1962. Basically, it's anybody and everybody I grew up with. It's going to be a fun summer. 

On the subject of people NOT using turn signals while driving, my wife and I drove to Roseburg to eat at the closest In 'n' Out restaurant to Eugene in our new car, a 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan that we've had since Friday (yep, two days). Our previous car, an '18 Hyundai Tucson, decided not to be as dependable as it used to be. Anyway, it must be an epidemic that A) people need to learn to use those turn signals. There is a law that says you have to use those when turning right or left. B) Please quit leaving car-length gaps behind cars when you're waiting at a stop sign, traffic signal or at your favorite coffee stand. I've never been able to figure out why people do this nowadays. C) The speed limit on most Oregon freeways is 65 mph. Some locations it's 60 and on some other sections it's 55. Quit going 85 in a 65 mph zone. There are reasons speed limits are established, mostly for safety reasons. 

I welcome your comments also. I don't go off on rants very often so please excuse me if I came off as complaining. I'm a pretty friendly person who really wants to stay that way. 

Thanks for your friendship. I'll do my best to contribute more in 2024. Have a great week. Happy New Year!

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