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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back Door, Front Door, Side Door

I have written my thoughts before about the NBA lockout, I do think it will affect all of basketball, but I do have some thoughts about not only how to solve this, but also how all of college basketball can capitalize off this mess.

1. Every college team should try and play a game in an NBA arena where it is logistically possible. And make it even better, NBA teams should pay for the game to be played there, if they do not own the arena. If I was an athletic director, I would be working on this right now. Even better make it a doubleheader and have the first game, being a D-3 game or NAIA game. It is all about the experience and the players would love it and fans would attend, plus on the public relations side it takes a little of the sting out of what is sure to be a nightmare public relations issue for the entire NBA. One last thing, if I was an NBA player outsmart your team,  rent the arena for the teams, it would be a great move and that player would have friends for life. (Just hoping that the NCAA is not going to ban my blog for two years, because some of the above is against the rules.)

2. If I was every college basketball team in the country's decision maker, starting right now I would double the basketball marketing budget and put some teeth into the opportunity to gain some new fans. College basketball marketing stinks as a whole in this country, plus in-game promotions need a huge upgrade. I know universities and colleges do not like to spend money, but it is proven over and over no matter what level and what league, if you market properly, it will more than pay for itself. College basketball needs a shot in the arm and I could not think of a better time to make gain, off the pain.

3. Once again, decision makers, try and get your teams on TV a little more locally in your area, somehow and some way. There is nothing like exposure, TV will be looking to fill some hole if there is a lockout and once again, take advantage of a situation to make your product more visible. There is a golden opportunity here, the door is open.

4. Lastly, my advice here is free, it is also very good and you do not even have to give me the credit, just get it done.

Of course I hope none of this applies, as I do hope there is an NBA season. Most schools will not take advantage of the ideas I have presented, instead they will as many do, just ring their hands and ask where  are all the fans.

My one last piece of advice, President Obama, you are already running for second term, you love basketball, so put the full force of the government behind the efforts to solve the lockout. This goes beyond the economics of sports, it goes to the real people issue, including the youngsters, americans love their sports, it is a great release for many people who lives are not always the best, but sports are really something to always look forward too for everyone, no matter what their age. Sports mean more than we would admit.

I hope my advice will help, free is a very good price always.

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