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Friday, August 26, 2011

It Is TIME To Move

Since people know I love basketball and college and professional, people often like to take shots at myself about how boring the college game has become. They often reference  timeouts as one reason and blame the media.

I do agree with this to a point, but I do not blame the media. The timeouts for college basketball games are far from the media's fault, after all,  there are many people who can't attend games in person for various reasons and it is important for these games to be on tv and radio and many times streamed.

There has to be a way to pay for all of this, thus media timeouts are important and critical to the success of keeping college basketball going.

But, I do agree the timeout structure is long overdue for a complete makeover and actually this can be pretty simple in my mind. Coaches will not like my solution, but I often see coaches,  over coach, especially down the end of games and in my mind this would make coaching even better, with what I have to propose.

Quite simply here is the way the timeout structure should take place in college basketball.

There should be four (4) timeouts per half, plus each coach would get one 30 second timeout per half. The timeouts would be 90 seconds for full time and of course the one 30 second would not change.

These timeouts should take place on the first dead ball periods, under the 16:00, 12:00,8:00 and 4:00 minute mark. Everyone knows in advance what is going to happen with timeouts. No more each team gets so may per half, mixed in with media timeouts. Except the 30 second timeouts, which can only be called by the coach, the other four per half would be generic.

Yes this seems so simple, but many times, simple solutions help solve a major problem and in NCAA college basketball timeouts have become a problem and are killing interest in the game by many fans.

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