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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday Thoughts: Political Change, Sports and Forest Fires

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

My thoughts and I always enjoy  your thoughts.

1. No, Bryson DeChambeau will not change the game of golf dramatically. He is a terrific player, much admiration but very few people can change their body like he has done and eat like he does and remain healthy by doing so.

2. Some young people want and are demanding change, here might be a way to start for all of us. 1) President should serve a one 5 year term. 2) Senators and House members should have to retire automatically after 10 years of service ( make Senate term 5 years. 3) No judge on any level should serve past age of 80, period.

3. For years now I am hearing about plans to address forest fires. Yes, I call them forest fires because most of these fires start in forest. Let’s get a plan and follow through. Let’s also let science, not politics dictate the future.

Thanks for reading, now your turn. 

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