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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Crawscorner Tuesday Edition, November 17th, 2020

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

SPORTS—- With 2020 NBA Draft upon us don’t be fooled. Yes I study the Draft, but with caution. In most years, only the top 8-10 picks count. Yes, everyone can name a 2nd round pick that has been highly successful in NBA, but that is rare. A great game to play, five years out re-Draft. It is always fun to see the differences.

YOUR ????—- With our change of format, thanks for asking and here is some of your answers.

1. We will publish 4 days per week. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, count on it.

2. Yes, if there is a season, we will have in depth coverage of college basketball and for sure lots of news about PAC-12, NWAC and Cascade Collegiate Conference.

3. Yes, the 10 year anniversary of Crawscorner, will come up in 2021.

4. Finally thanks for emails on expanding beyond sports, always sports , but you will see plenty else on this site.

NEWS—- More surveys are out, but one thing never changes. The most important thing

 by far to employees, nothing comes close is WAGES. Additionally, a job is so important, most of us are built to work and many to work hard.

ECONOMY—- If you want your business to sustain, to thrive and to grow, focus on one thing, Customer Service. Think about who cares about their customers, that love comes back to them big time. 

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