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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Craw’s Corner, Tuesday, November 24th Edition

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

SPORTS—- Power Rankings are appealing to readers. We for sure need to do more of them at Craw’s Corner. Big congrats to Bill Crawford for his work on last Sunday’s PAC-12 football power rankings. It takes a lot of homework and Bill will continue his efforts each Sunday for you great readers.

SPORTS—- The Cascade Collegiate Conference is a great league, especially when it comes to basketball. It has a superior commissioner in Rob Cashell, so it was really sad to see yesterday that two conference members, Evergreen State and Walla Walla University have shut down their sports programs for 20-21. Good news is they will be back hopefully stronger than ever for 21-22.

SPORTS—- A raging high school debate always starts this time of year. Should states that don’t use a shot clock in basketball, do so? You can weigh in anytime, but yes, every state that does not use a shot clock should. One great reason, it puts players at a real disadvantage that come from a non shot clock state when they advance their careers to college where the shot clock is huge.

SPORTS— I hope he succeeds big time at Oregon State, football coach Jonathan Smith is an impressive person. Just listen to an interview with him and you can learn lots, not only football, but life.

CRAW’s CORNER— I was asked the other day by someone who wanted to write for Craw’s Corner, but was worried they have no experience. No worries, we will take the non experienced and experienced writers. If you are interested, contact me

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