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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Crawscorner Sunday Edition, November 15th

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

Ever so often something needs an update or change. After careful planning and some research, today you will see a different look to Crawscorner. Biggest changes will come from more than sports,

shorter capsule summaries will prevail, with the exception of our feature writers. We will also be consistent, publishing on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Thanks for reading—- Gregory Crawford, founder of Crawscorner.

SPORTS—- It is as painful for myself as anyone, but as of today I do not see a college basketball season happening. The pros have money to lose on conducting seasons, colleges do not. Hoping I am 100 percent wrong.

Under a pandemic, who would have thought playing golf would make  huge comeback? It has, now the big question for next five years, can the growth be sustained? Golf needs to work extra hard, to retain these new players and get even more.

POLITICS—- Before the Republicans lost, they actually won, big time. The make up of Supreme Court heavily favors Republicans even though we all know Courts are never politically inclined, ha ha. As for Presidency, it might be a long stretch before we ever see a Republican President, unless Republicans realize the minority communities vote TOO.

MASKS—I am proud to say that I work in hospital, I have a mask on most days a total of 6 hours. So far that mask has not bit me, I still have all my teeth and my nose is not broken. Wear YOUR masks, it might save your life and many others. 

We will be back again Tuesday, always looking for writers on any subject, email is and thank you. 

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