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Thursday, November 19, 2020

If There Were Fans

If there were fans allowed at Pac-12 football stadiums this season, and if those fans could cheer Chip Kelly's return to Eugene this Saturday as Oregon hosts UCLA at 12:30 pm, would they cheer him for what he did as the Head Coach of the Ducks? Or would he be booed as he's the current Head Coach of the Bruins?

I would boo him. Even though Chip did great things for the Oregon football program during his tenure in Eugene, Kelly was rude and very condescending to the media or anyone else who would want to talk to him outside of football.

As a member of the media, I don't enjoy being talked down to. I don't enjoy being talked down to even if I wasn't a media member. Do you?

Kelly's favorite rally cry was "Win the Day!" Lose it, Chip.

Bill Crawford is a radio personality and freelance sportscaster for stations in Eugene and Klamath Falls. The opinions expressed are my own.

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