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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Final Sunday Pac-12 Football Power Rankings - December 20, 2020

It was, indeed, a pretty crazy and difficult Pac-12 football season. One team got to play all seven of its scheduled games. A second-place team in its division ended up winning the Pac-12 Championship because the division champion couldn't field enough players due of COVID-19. Nine of the 12 teams either didn't qualify for or opted out of a bowl game. A division champion was one of those nine teams that opted out of a bowl game. 

With that said, here's my final Pac-12 Football Rankings for the 2020 season:

1) Colorado
2) *USC
3) *Washington
4) *Utah
5) Oregon
6) *UCLA
7) Arizona State
8) *Oregon State
9) *Stanford
10) *Washington State
11) *California
12) *Arizona

*Either didn't qualify or opted out of a bowl game.

It hadn't been an easy task doing these rankings. It was fun, though. Please feel free to share your thoughts. I'm already looking towards 2021 and what it will bring. 

Bill Crawford is a long-time Eugene radio personality, lifelong Southern Oregon Raiders fan and an SOU alum. His opinions are strictly his own. You can find Bill on most social media platforms.

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