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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Hubie Brown, You have to love it

 By Gregory Crawford @wchoops and Periscope

Most people do not live to be 87 years old. In addition most people are not working at anything if they are still living at 87.

Hubie Brown is breaking all the rules. He not only is 87, but he is at the top of his game literally at 87. Brown is starting his 36th year as an NBA analyst in the 20-21, working for ESPN. In his analyst career Brown has also worked for CBS and TNT covering games.

Brown is a great basketball mind and for most part, fun to listen too. And yes, factually he has a legitimate chance to be broadcasting NBA games at 100 years of age. 

Interestingly enough Hubie Brown has never been on Twitter. A rarity for anyone in today’s world.

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