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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Craw’s Corner Looking To Get Even Biigger

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

As the editor and founder of Craw’s Corner we can never thank our readers enough, our growth in readership is off the charts. Today we have announced that Harry Cunnins will not only continue his great writing, but is now been named our Managing Editor. A few other thoughts.

1) We are always looking for writers to cover the following, a. NFL b. Ccllege Football c. Soccer d. High School sports in Oregon.

2) We have signed a long term deal to have Allen Perez as our Senior NBA writer.

3. You can rest assured our coverage of golf, tennis, baseball, track & field and college basketball is going to get bigger and better than ever.

4. The icon Bob Rathbun will be contributing a weekly column.

Your thoughts and ideas are always respected.

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