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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

MLB's 'Truck Day' -Surest Sign of Spring

by Harry Cummins

     Forget the groundhogs and red robins.

     The real harbingers of better days ahead just pulled away yesterday from major league baseball stadiums all across America.  It was the annual 'Truck Day' where all MLB clubs, in unison, load up vans full of equipment and head toward their team's respective spring training destinations in Arizona and Florida

     For the world-champion Red Sox, it meant steering their massive vehicle south toward Ft Myers, while navigating Boston city streets still clustered with celebrating Patriots fans.

    Why is Truck Day the absolute best "holiday" of the year?  Let me count the ways by describing the contents carefully selected to go inside Boston's 53 foot-long ark of renewal:

20,400 baseball's
1,100 bats
200 batting gloves
200 batting helmets
320 BP tops
160 jerseys
300 pairs of pants
400 t-shirts
400 pairs of socks
20 cases of bubble gum
60 cases of sunflower seeds

     The hopes of a hungry baseball nation are once again in motion.


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