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Saturday, January 19, 2019

College Basketball Timeouts: YUCK

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

I love college basketball. My track record proves it, by my continuous genuine promotion. What I don’t like is timeout structure on the men’s side for NCAA basketball. For the record, JC, Community College, NAIA and all levels of women’s play get the TOS right.

Back to problem area. Too many timeouts ruin the flow of game for players and for sure the fan experience. College basketball attendance is down and equally important, TV ratings are flat.

My drastic solution for timeouts, of which I have no doubt would work.

1st Half— Full time-out under 17:00 and 10:00 minute mark. No 30 second TOs.

2nd Half—- Same as first half, with addition of 2 30 second timeouts for each team, but only can be used in the final 3 minutes.

Overtime—- No timeouts.

Make the full timeouts as long as you wish. For record I have talked to many TV executives who are fine with my plan, actually really happy, cause it would make the game more interesting and bring more interest

Of course perhaps this could all be solved if men’s side sucked in their ego and played quarters like the women.

Comments much appreciated.

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