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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday Thoughts, 1/6/19

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

1. Even if you are not a bowler, you have to appreciate the new PBA Tour telecasts which started today on FOX Sports. Flashy, great camera work and pure sports.

2. I am all for change, providing it is innovative and progress. Dropping the golf ball from knee height rather than shoulder height as new rules of golf come into play, makes zero sense to me.

3. My great colleague here Kirby Gleason had a great post this past week on why there should be a shot clock in Oregon high school basketball. I agree with Kirby, long overdue and I can find few people who disagree.

4. Speaking of basketball it is time for men’s side of college basketball to go to 4 quarters. How does it feel MBB to be the only faction in all of basketball that still plays halves. No it is not unique, it is called antiquated.

Your thoughts always welcome in comments section.

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