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Saturday, January 19, 2019

NBA: Could These Ideas Work

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

Your thoughts as great readers always welcome.

The NBA always prides itself for thinking outside the box, as in most cases they should, so how about this NBA?

1. At present with 30 teams in league, how about a drawing to determine order and starting in 2020 each team gets the 1st overall pick for next 30 years per the draw. That would be exciting and each team would have plenty of notice when they are up at #1. The rest of Draft would be the way it is at present. One more way of continued fan engagement. Your thoughts?

2. Split seasons have been highly successful in minor league baseball. How about split seasons in NBA, with heavy bonuses and home court advantage to teams that win both halves . Playoffs would be more exciting and at least until late March most teams would be in playoff contention, which is what it is all about. Your thoughts?

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