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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

'Defense Wins Championships'--An Aphorism Gone Awry

by Harry Cummins

     The NFL's version of the Final 4 is set.

     The Rams and Saints square off for the NFC Championship while the Chiefs and Patriots do battle for the AFC Championship on a double-dip Sunday in the National Football League.

    It has always been one of sports enduring mantras that  'Defense Wins Championships.' So how do we account for the fact that the four remaining teams in the hunt for football's biggest prize, are the identical four teams with the highest rated offensive metrics in the NFL this season.

     For years, our very own Greg Crawford has been saying that defense in sports is over-rated.  Perhaps the time has come for crowds to ditch that staccato  'D-Fence' chant in favor of something, should we say, more offensive!!!!


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