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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

'Wanna $$See The Super Bowl?

by Harry Cummins

     A quick check this morning reveals nosebleed tickets for the Super Bowl at the aptly-named Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, are already super-sized at $3,151 apiece on ticketing websites such as Vivid Seats or Ticketmaster's NFL Ticket Exchange.

     Looking for a better deal?  More moderate dealers located on Craigslist are offering similar ducats for a discounted $2,500 per person.  Of course, if you happen to have 18 well-heeled, high-rolling buddies, you could procure a suite and all the trimmings for the biggest sporting event in the the land at a mere $374,589. That's about $21 grand per.  We didn't even bother to check on the cost of a good seat, or a comfortable hotel room within the same area code.

     It has been obvious for some time now, the Super Bowl is not the grandest spectacle in sports. It's closer to Grand Larceny!

     As for me, I will save money and fly to Detroit for the 2019 United States Figure Skating Championships next weekend.  There should be plenty of hard-hitting, knee-buckling excitement there, evidenced by the world-wide headlines from this event last held in Motown 25 years ago.

     Tickets start at $15.... in the also aptly-named Little Caesar's Arena.

     Pass the pizza!



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