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Friday, May 29, 2020

The Aftermath Of A Sports Sabbatical

Will only the hard-core fan return?

By Harry Cummins

     Several years ago, in order to ensure the safety of our neighborhood, a key overpass linking us to the West was shut down for emergency reconstruction.

     Out of necessity, all traffic ceased and was diverted to the East.  For many, it opened a whole new landscape for local residents.

     We were now exposed to the verities of a wider world.  Suddenly, we found meaningful discovery in another direction.  Ultimately, many found a more satisfying utilization of shopping and entertainment resources.  How we spent our time had been critically reshaped.

     With the extended Western world sabbatical from spectator sports now entering its fourth month, the migratory patterns of sports fans could be permanently altered as well.

     Once the overpass project was completed in our neighborhood, one of the ultimate winners was a nutritional enterprise appropriately named...New Seasons.

     Possibility in the politics of movement.