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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

What To Cut or NO Cuts

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

When it comes to sports in college and universities, we all know it is huge business, especially on D-1 level.

Administrations are in a precarious position at present and will be for long time when it comes to budgeting and beyond.

Most schools at present have said they do not plan to eliminate sports. We will see, as some have. One danger of eliminating a sport is that many students in sports outside of basketball and football are not on full scholarship, thus they do contribute mightily to the school’s bottom line.

Obviously the whole key here is having a full season and getting some attendance. Even a bigger key is saving lives and making it safe for everyone.

We often forget the impact sports has on the economy and for many how much extra it brings into ones financial picture. It will return, but how soon is anyone’s guess, I think we all know that.

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