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Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Standard Will Be????

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

For years now law enforcement agencies have been preaching “showroom clean”, when it comes to preventing a thief breaking into your car. Numerous studies have proved as a deterrent that works.

Taking it up several notches, what will be the standard for sanitizing stadiums and arenas as we move out of this pandemic? Of course all the modern venues nowadays are much more than just a place to watch a game, many are the equivalent of little cities with all the amenities.

One thing for sure, you will not see the condiments sitting out on table. More important, you will not see dirty restrooms. The most important person in the whole place is going to be the cleaner, which we all should have respected long before the pandemic.

So in my mind, the new slogan for stadiums and arenas, should be, “hospital clean”. Since I work in one, I know, ours is spotless, as it should be and going forward so should stadiums and arenas.

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