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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In sports whenever you discuss the best EVER it can cause heated arguments, be controversial, but oh boy, can it ever be fun. I hope you have some fun with this. It took some thinking, it took some research, it took some consultation and it is for you to grit your teeth and say, " Craw's Corner is wrong or right"

West Coast basketball teams basically play in six different leagues. This list of best players in these six different leagues EVER, takes into account that the team they played for either played in that league at one time or their team now plays in that league. Confused? I think you will figure it out, when you see the list and the teams. READY?

1. Pac 8, Pac-10, Pac-12---KAREEM ABDUL JABBAR, UCLA-----Perhaps the best college basketball player of all time. Three titles at UCLA and only played three years cause of the no freshmen playing varsity ball rule which was in place at the time he played for UCLA.

2. West Coast Conference---BILL RUSSELL, San Francisco----He could do it all, score, rebound, block shots and pass the ball. It is great to watch the old film clips of him playing for the Dons.

3. Big West-----LARRY JOHNSON, UNLV,-------The Runnin Rebels were members of the Big West in the 90s when Johnson played and he was terrific. He was a player when  passed the ball in the key, was basically unstoppable.

4. WAC----KEITH VAN HORN, Utah-----The Utes will have the pleasure of playing in three different leagues in the last 15years, Western Athletic Conference, Mt. West and Pac-12. Van Horn was a great player in college and had a great pro career. Consensus All-American in college.

5. Mt. West---JIMMER FREDETTE, BYU----Great scorer, great passer and just plain fun to watch. This league was formed in 1999 and has seen a real rise in basketball and in the past couple of years has established itself as a league that will produce many great players in the future.

6. Big Sky--FREEMAN WILLIAMS, Portland State---Quite possibly the best college player ever that no one has heard of. Still is the leading second leading all time scorer in NCAA basketball and once scored 81 points in a game, without the benefit of a 3-point line.

7. Independent--ELGIN BAYLOR, Seattle U---The Redhawks have named their court after him, he was the ultimate shot creator and many players in the past and even today have copied his style. He simply was GREAT.

Comments always welcome and keep those emails coming, appreciate the support for this blog and like I say, " If million people read it, it is fun, if three people read it, it is still fun."

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