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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

West Coast College Basketball At Its Finest

This Blog will make a strong attempt to cover West Coast college basketball, bringing you insight, observation and a few nuggets that might not be anywhere else. For the most part we will try and be totally positive, but we will also not hold back if we hear of information you might want to know about.

We would not call it dirt, like to call it scoops, but this certainly will not be the focal point of the reading material in the least.

We will try each and everyday and more than once a day even to cover the Pac-12, WCC, Big West, Mt. West, WAC, Big Sky and also dip into Division 2 West Coast basketball, which is really a good brand.

I hope you enjoy and welcome your comments and feedback. The West Coast often gets left in the dust on college basketball and we are going to do our small part to keep up.

Thank you,

Craw's Corner

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