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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pac-12, What you waiting for??????

Ok, I love basketball so much, here is a little message for Larry Scott, the new commissioner of the Pac-12, or I guess you can't say not new anymore as he has been there awhile.

By all indication the Pac-12 is going to sign a new TV contract within the next month with someone. The possibilities are endless, I will not bore you with numbers or candidates, especially with the numbers because, they are so inflated.

My advice to you Mr. Scott, is quite simple, make the deal with ESPN, period. We all know the former Pac-10 has had a long standing relationship with Fox, but forget that.

People are going to watch college football no matter what, even if I were producing the games from my own garage, it is that popular, so the network it is on, does not matter.

But for basketball, it does matter. There should never even be the slightest debate,  that ESPN covers college basketball better than anyone in the world. From the studio shows lead by the great Reece Davis, to the promotion of the game, to the announcers and analysts, it is very hard to find a weak person on the entire talent staff.

With the above said, Pac-12, you need a shot in the arm in basketball TV coverage, you have fallen behind the times in getting your product out there and ESPN is the answer. To go even further, make a deal with ESPN that you want a 6:00 p.m PST on Thursday night and a 4:00 PST on Saturday night, all doable with the present ESPN and Pac-12 schedule. This would not only get exposure on the west coast, but it would bring in all the east coast viewers into play, who at present rarely get to see a Pac-10 game in a good time slot.

So in conclusion, forget all this talk that comes from the Pac-10 about we need a network that will cover all of our olympic sports as well as the big two. Football and basketball drive the bus and always will when it comes to TV deals for college conferences, so this is a no-brainer  choice and ESPN should be the choice of all concerned if basketball is to get the exposure it deserves and needs.

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