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Saturday, April 23, 2011

WCC, What are you waiting for???????

The West Coast Conference is void of a major player. Yes, Gonzaga and St. Mary's have brought the conference some real notice in the past few years, BYU will be a great addition, although I am still scratching my head over the move and wonder how long it will last.

The Void? Seattle University, not being voted in as a member. First of all, I love hawks, so reason enough alone, but on  a more serious side, it just makes sense, from many standpoints.

1. Seattle U. fits the demo of the WCC. Small private school that does not play football, has an awesome basketball tradition.

2. A 10th team in the league makes complete sense, not nine teams as now present. There is even some talk of with the odd number of teams, playing league games on Wednesday night.

3. Seattle is the 14th largest TV market in the United States, has a great airport and is one the most beautiful cities in all the world.

4. Key Arena is an awesome place for basketball and if you look at the mbb attendance at Seattle U. for last year and the year before, it would have only been second to Gonzaga in average attendance for the other teams in the league, not including BYU.

5. A great rivalry would happen between both U of Portland/Seattle and Gonzaga/Seattle.

6. The conference tournament would become much more exciting with 10 teams, rather than nine, as simplistic as it sounds.

7. Seattle U. has developed a great student fan base, one of the keys to a really successful program.

8. There is so much high school basketball talent in the Puget Sound area, why not if you have a team in the league,  expose  your team to that kind of high school talent.

9. And last, but most important, Seattle wants to become a member of the WCC badly and with that said it is a great school academically.

Does this make too much sense? Boy, I think so, but for some reason and there are many different thoughts out there as to why, the WCC is stonewalling the REDHAWKS from coming into the league.

This for sure is one of those "to good to be true" and actually it is.

WCC, what are you waiting for???????

Comments would be greatly appreciated,

Craw's Corner

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