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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

UC DAVIS, What are you waiting for????

As you can tell one of my catch phrases and always will be is "what are you waiting for", so I apologize in advance if it becomes annoying.

It is kind of baffling why it is taking so long for UC Davis to select a head men's basketball coach?

UC Davis is a great school, it is located in a great area and outside of basketball has a pretty rich tradition in sports. I might even go so far as to say, it could be a sleeping giant when it comes to Big West basketball.

But to not have a coach in place by now, mind boggling, as on March 30th, Gary Stewart, stepped down to  take another position in the school's athletic department.

The early frontrunner appeared to be Bob Cantu, longtime USC assistant, but that seems to have faded. Cantu actually would have been a great selection, if for nothing else, he has endured being an assistant at USC for 14 years and has worked under, to put it mildly, some challenging coaches, in the likes of, Henry Bibby, Tim Floyd and now, Kevin Oneill.

Whoever gets the job, has a great chance to have some success, UC Davis, just fill the job, please and the west coast coaches will be set for 2011-12. What are you waiting for?

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