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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't Let The Game Get Boring

Ok, we all know the championship between Connecticut and Butler  this past April was awful. In case you forgot, the Huskies defeated the Bulldogs, 53-41. Simply miserable to say the least.

Spectators of sports per every poll and survey taken, love action and love scoring.

This is what worries myself and many others about the college basketball game today. Not enough scoring and not enough action. Anyone could could argue and they are correct, the game is extremely popular, but for that to continue, it it time for some drastic changes and I do mean drastic.

In 1980, the then number 2 ranked Oregon State Beavers, visited Stanford for a conference game. Final score, Oregon State 18 Stanford 16. Yes, it did happen in 1980 and no one that I know of ever wants to see that happen again. In 1985, NCAA basketball introduced the 45 second shot clock, in 1993, the shot clock was reduced down to 35. More scoring? Actually, not.

Since 1989, average scoring in NCAA basketball games have steadily declined. It is time to change that and in doing so the game will maintain it popularity and continue to grow. If not, I see some dark clouds over the horizon.

You can call them rule changes, but call them more taking the boredom out of the game.

1. Adjust the time out rules as discussed in previous post. (NCAA, Fix it please) April 24th

2. Drop the shot clock down to 29 seconds, yes 29, not 30. Get a little edgy.

3. Move the three point line back two feet. Make the shot more valuable and it opens up the middle much more.

4. Do something really drastic, eliminate zone defenses. If all these so called great defensive coaches really want defense, nothing better than a man to man defense.

Are any of the four changes listed above going to happen? No chance, but hopefully it is great food for thought. The NCAA basically does nothing that is proactive, all their changes and moves are reactive. Outside the box thinking is not part of the culture, but what is part of the culture is the great game of basketball and it like everything else in life, needs some tweaking and dramatic change from time to time.

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