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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Charming West Coast Basketball Arenas

To me, basketball is great, whether your watching from your favorite seat in an arena, watching from the proverbial lounge chair or shooting baskets in your driveway.

To be honest, there is nothing like watching a game in person and to me, here is my short list of must go to arenas if you are a fan of west coast college basketball.

1. Utah State-- The best basketball arena in the country, PERIOD. The place just rocks and without question the best student section. The fans know the game, respect the opponent and it is an atmosphere second to none.

2. Arizona--McKale Center has withstood the test of time, the fans are passionate and it is loud and they have never given up on their Wildcats, even in the tough times.

3. Pacific U-- Great teams for many years, just the type of place to really enjoy a game and a sunken court, my favorite type of venue. Not too small, not too big, a must see place and great parking.

4. New Mexico-All you have to say is, "THE PIT". Perhaps the greatest arena name in basketball. Another arena which has withstood the test of time, still rocks and is loud, loud, loud, loud.

5. St. Mary's--McKeon Pavillion, seats at best 3,500, but just an awesome atmosphere and always full, thanks to Randy Bennett and his constant great recruiting of 3-point shooters. The best WCC arena and they have some good ones.

6. Eastern Washington--Yes, the Eagles' Reese Court is a must get too. I went there once for a play-off game and it was great, but the real reason I put it on the list, the most friendly arena I have ever been too and friendly anymore is good. The people there make it really charming.

7. Portland State----Stott Center, seats 1.500 in the best of times. Get there before it expands. Not really full that much, but it makes the list, because Portland State has the best PEP BAND of any school in the country and it is not even a student band. They play great music and they are entertaining as heck. This for sure fits the definition of "bigger is not always better."

Sure I missed some great places, but that is what the comment section is for or as many of you have doing, keep the emails coming, the respect and attention to this blog is overwhelming.

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