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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NCAA, Fix It Please/Part 2

In our continuing efforts to make the game of college basketball better, here are some more changes we suggest to improve the game. (Note previous post, suggested timeouts need to change).

1. Reduce the shot clock down to 30 seconds or even better how about being a little edgy, make it a 29 second clock. Can you believe the attention this would get and even better, what an improvement this would be for the game. This seems like such a simple change and a no-brainer.

2. Knock out the closely guarded 5 second rule in front court. Referees have a tough enough job as it is, this is such a touch call to make and is a stupid rule to begin with.

3. A team when bringing the ball up the court, should not be allowed to call time out until the ball crosses the half court line. Too many instances does a great pressure defensive team get penalized for playing great defense in the backcourt, only to have the team on offense bail themselves out by being able to call time out and thus getting a new 10 second count. Pressing a team is a lost art and teams that can accomplish the fete, should not be penalized.

When we are done suggesting changes in the rules, it will be close to 40 suggestions, so stay tuned as more to come.

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