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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

West Coast College Basketball Coach of The Year

After some careful thought and consideration, also letting the season relax a little after the hectic pace of post season action, CRAW'S CORNER has selected COACH OF THE YEAR for west coast college basketball. This takes into account all West Coast D-1 Basketball Coaches.



The job he has done is one of the most overlooked in college basketball today. It is easy to get lost in WCC with the success that both Gonzaga and St. Mary's have had in recent years, but it is not lost on CRAW'S CORNER, the marvelous job Keating has done with the Broncos and especially in the 2010-11.

Not only did Keating guide the Broncos to the championship of the tournament, his team also had 24 victories, the second most in school history.

Even more remarkable, although the Broncos have some outstanding talent, for sure there were many more teams on the west coast with players every bit as talented who did not even come close to the success of Santa Clara.

So a tip of the rim to Kerry Keating on  a job well done and wishing him a great 2011-12 basketball season.

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