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Saturday, April 23, 2011

History: Does Anyone Care?????/

With the days upon us of twitter (I know it is called tweeting), facebook, cell phones that do magic and even blogs, does anyone care about the history anymore, more specifically the history of college basketball on the west coast ?

Actually a few do and maybe this post can bring back some memories, you might have others, so here we go with a few items. Let us not forget, because history can dictate the future.

1. The great days of UCLA basketball, lead by the great John Wooden and all his championship teams. In my opinion it was basketball at its purest form, running the fast break, sharp passing and executing a press that has never been duplicated.

2. The San Francisco Dons, with players like Bill Russell and K.C. Jones. If you have never heard of them, look up their history. The accomplishments are wonderful.

3. Pete Newell coaching the California Golden Bears and then continuing with his value to the game, by being involved in making players better and making them better men.

4. The (Tall Firs) of the Oregon Ducks. How many can tell you who were the first NCAA Division 1 champions ? Well it was the Tall Firs of Oregon in 1939.

5. Marv Harshman, one of the best basketball coaches of all time and the way he brought prominence to NW basketball both at Washington State and Washington.

6. Ralph Miller at Oregon State. Yes at one time Oregon State had a great program under Ralph Miller and Gill Coliseum was as tough a place to play as anywhere in  the country.

7. Freeman Williams at Portland State. Still the second leading scorer all time in NCAA history and he did it all before the 3 point line was brought into the game.

8. Seattle U, back in the day of Elgin Baylor and all of the great players, many who went on to have great pro careers. One of the best basketball histories in the Northwest.

Of course there is much more history about West Coast basketball and I hope you will make some comments about some of your great memories. If not,  at least take the time to look up some of the above names and it will bring some chills.

As I mentioned in another post, he really is the historian of West Coast college basketball, Dan Belluomini and if you ever get to hear him you can learn much.

Another great historian is the outstanding play by play voice of the Portland State Vikings, Tom Hewitt. He actually is a government/history teacher in Portland, but he often transforms basketball history into his broadcasts and is very entertaining.

History is not dead, more people need to study it and especially when it comes to west coast college basketball. Take a moment sometime and you will enjoy.

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