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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Distinguishing Smoke From Fire

As we get closer to the NFL Draft all 32 teams are focusing in on the players they would like to select and, when really focused on one, what it might cost to move up to secure him.  At the same time, some teams' needs dictate it would be safe to move down in the draft and secure extra players or picks.  While every team is doing its due diligence at this time, some are covering their real intents with "smokescreens" of showing interest in players they will not select.

This where Paul Crane and long time NFL scout Dave-Te' Thomas are able to separate the Scout's Honor podcast from all others, using inside information to share more than what's being seen from the outside, but what it all actually means. From the conversations actually taking place between teams, the players being targeted and the trades we might see on Day One of the draft, the most recent Scout's Honor podcast provides fans will several tales and telltale signs.

When looking at the draft order of the 32 picks as they stand today, understand the expectation is 16 of those teams may be in different places when the first round is done.  The information heard here will help fans be prepared for what promises to be a hectic Day One.

To hear insight in to the players and teams interested in each at every position, subscribe or follow the Scout's Honor podcast today. It's free and will help all fans get ready for Days 1-3 of the draft.

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