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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Craw’s Corner Exclusive: Could a power basketball conference be formed out west

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

Craw’s Corner has learned that on December 3rd a private meeting took place in Portland, Oregon to discuss forming a power basketball conference west of the Rockies.

It should be emphasized that there were absolutely no schools present or represented at this meeting. As well despite the fact that state of Oregon is the center of business for power apparel companies Nike and Adidas, no one from those business giants were in attendance or invited.

Who was there?

Craw’s Corner has learned several deep pocketed individuals who live on west coast and love college hoops. We were told the mood was serious, there is no shortage of money in this group. It is also important to note that present at the meeting were a prrevious consultant to the the NCAA on basketball matters, a top flight sports TV consultant and at least two prominent former PAC-8 players. (Yes PAC-8, not a typo.

The idea of having this meeting was solely based on making basketball out West, prominent again.

This obviously has a longs ways to go if it goes anywhere at all, but at same time we have learned that the next meeting will be on February 1st, so some positive vibe must have happened.

The next meeting also intends to invite a new participant, one of the most high powered sports business people in the world who just happens to reside in Oregon.

Stay tuned please.

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