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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sunday Thoughts, Basketball

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

1. Living in Oregon, it is great to have Brian Wheeler back as radio voice of Blazers, even if it is just home games.

2. For first time ever, the four D-1 women’s teams in Oregon are pretty darn good.

3. There are no miracles in NBA , the Spurs great run is over.

4. The GNAC conference, D-2 has an upper tier level on men’s side second to none.

5. The OSAA does a marvelous job of running high school sports in Oregon, but boy is it ever time for shot clock in basketball.

6. Clif Wegner the men’s coach at Clackamas CC deserves to be in Oregon Sports Hall of Fame, his record is best of any active college coach in state of Oregon.

7. Larry Ellison is leader in clubhouse to be new owner of Portland Trail Blazers.

8. What shame in New York, Nets and Knicks a total mess, no relief in sight.

9. This writer sees over 130 college games live each year, best player I have seen so far 18-19, Nijal Pearson of Texas State, check him out.

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