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Friday, December 21, 2018

Falling In Love With This Place Is Easy

By Gregory Crawford @wchoops

How many dates does it take to fall in LOVE. It happened here on the fourth.

My new love, The Viking Pavilion on the campus of Portland State University.

Well done PSU athletic director Val Cleary and your team of talented people.

I thought I might be in love on first date, but my fourth appearance last night got me thinking about the diamond ring.

Not a bad seat in the house, aa sparkle the minute you hit the building and scoreboards that fit perfectly with the environment.

@wchoops sometimes can give a little advice since I average seeing 140 college games in person start to finish each year.

Here you go Val:

1) Keep the great cleanliness up

2) Lower your concession prices, like many arenas are now doing.

3. A few more smiles and hellos out of all the ushers, not sporadic.

Oh yes, one more, this is a LOVE affair that will last.

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